Aries Full Moon 9th October 2022

Aries Full Moon 9th October 2022, London, United Kingdom 9:56pm GMT

During this full moon, expect DRAMA! Yes, I said DRAMA! 

The theme for the full moon can start a week before and last 3-4 weeks after. Libra rules relationships, other people, balance, peace, and Aries rules independence, personal achievement, confrontation and energy. The focus for the moon will be in relation to balance between your own sense of self and other people.

Look at your natal chart to see where you have Aries and Libra. The moon will be officially full at 16 degree's so if you have any cardinal placements (Cancer, Aries, Libra and Capricorn) roughly around the 16th degree, you are likely to experience some personal conflict around this time. The houses that Aries and Libra fall in will be a place where you'll need to find the balance of self and others. As Aries tends to be dominating, you might place more energy in the house Aries sits in. Wheres both houses will need your attention. Libra will be the house where you might need to compromise. 

Venus will also be in transit at 13 degrees of Libra and Chiron at 14 degrees. Libra is very good at protecting feelings. During the full moon there can be an outburst of emotions. Something that has been bothering you for a long time and during libra season, you might have suppressed the issue. But the week of the Full Moon, might be a time where you can no longer contain your emotions. Its important to watch the way you express yourself and it may create friction or even worse, confrontation. Aries energy thinks for itself and says what it feels regardless of how anyone else might feel in the process. But because the Sun in in Libra, there might be an apology after the confrontation. Libra desires compromise so this emotional outburst might lead to the apology you once didn't get from that other person who may apologise this time around. Once you have let that emotion out, there is a feeling of relief. Look out for social media, this will likely be an area where you'll find public apologies soon after public displays of frustration.

Venus is conjunct the sun and opposing the moon highlighting balances surrounding finances, relationships, pleasures against home, emotional needs and those we're emotionally involved with. Venus might have some goals it wants to achieve over this time, and someone in your home or who you are involved with may hinder this due to whatever their needs might be. This is where you must learn to compromise between them and yourself. The all round focus for this full moon is finding balance. 

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