New Moon in Gemini 3rd June 2019

New Moon in Gemini 3rd June 2019
Today we have a new moon in Gemini at 13 degrees.
Where is Gemini on your chart?
New moons are great for new beginnings and for manifestations. As Gemini rules Mercury. The planet of daily communication, communities, siblings, cousins and neighbours, today is the perfect day to start a new blog. Have fun. Visit friends. socialise and to clear the mind of anything that has kept you busy.
Have some fun! Gemini is young, lighthearted, care free, fun energy. 
Gemini is notorious for always being busy and need mental stimulation, you've got to use this moon to control this habit. Meditation helps bring clarity and will stimulate new ideas! And as we know Gemini is wonderful for its confidence in starting new projects, you never know what new ideas can manifest from this new moon.
Gemini is also known as a socialite. A wonderful time for getting out there meeting new people and communicating. have a BBQ. Buy a new car! have a road trip! Or spending more time with a cousin or a sibling. Picking up a new book or just reading articles! As Gemini can get easily bored, be sure to stay focused as the Sun transit will make a square with Neptune transit creating a lack of motivation and direction. Perhaps write a list for the things you want to achieve and place it in a area you will see everyday to keep you focused!
- Honey Astrology 
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