Natal Moon in Libra

Natal Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra

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In natal Astrology, the Moon represents how an individual absorbs and interacts with their environment on a subconscious and intuitive level, including their emotional nature. It is important to remember that this contrasts with the very conscious and logical analysis of the environment that are handled by the planet Mercury. The Moon represents the ways we care for and protect ourselves psychically and emotionally; it’s how we empathize with others and the things that we find comforting and safe. The Moon is also representative of the Mother, or nurturing parent, and how we subconsciously learned to address our emotional needs in early life. As such, the Moon is the natural ruler of the sign Cancer, which is assigned the activities and themes of the 4th House.

Libra, whose symbol is the balancing scales, is the cardinal and masculine air sign of the zodiac. Libra shares its planetary ruler Venus with Taurus and has natural dominion over the 7th House of the Horoscope. Through the filter of the Libra, Venus is expressed mentally and idealistically whereas through Taurus is it is more concerned with sensuality and practicality. What does this mean exactly? Through Libra, Venus’s focuses are on fairness, justice, harmonious relationships, balanced deliberation of thought and our presentability to the public as it pertains to our ability to secure relationships instead of our ability to demonstrate what we have materialistically. Libra is the natural ruler of the 7th House, which in a chart, represents our serious partnerships through business and marriage, the law, and contracts. The 7th House also represents an aspect of our shadow self due to its opposition to the 1st House and our Ascendant, which is often why this house has also been linked to our open adversaries. 



When the Moon comes into Libra, we do know that Cancer (the ruler of the Moon) and Libra are square due to their cardinal nature. A square is an aspect that is often described as one that requires action in order to resolve due to both entities being at cross purposes, otherwise inaction or frustration will ensue. In the instance of someone with Moon in Libra, we could say that they must take it upon themselves to achieve harmony and balance in their environment when it is needed or else they must accept the consequences of refusing to take initiative and responsibility for amending what is out of order in their environment. We could also say that the Libran Moon must learn how to establish equal and fair relationships with others, which first begins with realizing that everyone, including them, has something to offer and that we all have strengths and weaknesses to contend with. If they cannot learn to accept that, they may have to settle with loneliness or dissatisfaction in the relationships they find themselves in due to overexertion on their part, or feeling as though they do not have enough they are bringing to the table on their own.

Their emotional nature requires relating to other people and building partnerships. They must feel that their environment is consistently in a state of balance and harmony, which often makes them very diplomatic and friendly creates. It bothers them very much to feel too strongly on one side of an issue without having fully considered the other, which makes them exceptional devil’s advocates towards even their feelings before they will finalize how they actually feel about a situation. Emotional expression is carefully deliberated in this placement. It is not likely for them to erupt in emotional outbursts like other placements, as they fully enjoy taking the time to assess and weigh out their feelings before they get down to letting them out. When they finally do, they are usually very diplomatic and are sensitive and considerate towards whomever is on the receiving end, never wanting to create discord or be perceived as illogically emotional and selfish. When dealing with confrontation, they will take care to acknowledge their understanding of the other person’s position before expressing their own. Regardless of the situation in which they are expressing their feelings, they will try to be as positive as possible and will very often have a resolution to proposition as they never want to leave things on a bad note.

The person with this placement may have had an early home environment that was very diplomatic and relationship-focused. The children would have been treated as equals to each other, and fairness would have been a common objective. Presentability would have been highly prioritized and they could have often felt as though they were on display or as though they needed to constantly needed to mindful of adjusting their behavior and personality in order to be seen as functioning optimally. Justice would have also been served swiftly and there would have been a heavy focus on discipline and structure in order to keep everyone in line. They Mother may have even been a disciplinarian, not necessarily meaning that she was abusive, but that she sought to establish order within the child from an early age. It is also likely that the child and Mother had a good relationship, albeit one that was mature and more business-like than it was nurturing or overly sensitive. There is also the possibility that the Mother was more focused on her personal relationships, instead of the one with the native. She may have been in and out of relationships by way of serial monogamy or she may have married several times. If not, she may have preferred to remain single due to extremely high standards and an inability to compromise with others too much.

On the positive side, these are people who think before they do. They will never jump into things too quickly without having thought through everything first, including the consequences. They are critical and discriminating, which makes them fantastic at solving disagreements and being mediators since they will see both sides of an issue without being biased and can therefore judge fairly. They enjoy peace and serenity so they will generally have very pleasant dispositions and are easy to interact with. Their focus on relationship building can make them very easy to get to know and spend time. As friends, they are great at helping you find solutions to problems that might even seem impossible to solve and will stand firmly by your side if they feel you are on the right side of the line. They will rarely present conflict within the friendship without already having thought out a resolution to present to you. As co-workers, they are all about working together and sharing responsibility for duties fairly as equitable business partnerships are of the utmost importance to them. They are quick to brainstorm solutions to hurdles in the workplace, and they will make sure everyone affected is included in those solutions. As lovers, they will contribute equally to the relationship and will usually attempt to solve issues fairly and quickly. They are cautious, sensitive and considerate towards your feelings and will not typically be prone to impulse of speech or action for fear of the consequences it might bring about for them.

On the negative side, they can overthink things to the point of never being able to make a decision that requires an immediate reaction, which can cause others to view them as indecisive. They can avoid confrontation, conflict and any sort of temperamental situation as they prefer not to get their hands dirty or deal with anything that is remotely unpleasant. In disagreements within groups of people, they have a habit of telling people that they see their side while also going telling the opposing party that they see their side as well. This often leads to others viewing them as wishy-washy or two-faced. Otherwise, they don’t want to hear anyone’s side, earning the ire of everyone involved due to their perceived lack of substance. If they consistently rely on their pleasant disposition when interacting with others, they can be seen as flaky and vapid.Thy can be overly critical of others and judgmental of others and be very self-righteous in their observations, feeling as though they are always correct. As friends, they can play the devil’s advocate too often and feel very unsupportive. They can constantly make you feel as though you are not contributing to the friendship equally, or as though you are in some way bringing them down due to some flaw they feel you possess. They will never have your side in drama by default, especially if it involves other people they know. At work, they will not contribute any more than their fair share if they feel others are not picking up their own weight, and will even seek justice if it becomes a continual problem. They always feel that they know the perfect, balanced solution to a problem without considering that sometimes their ideas are not bold enough to resolve issues or restore the balance. They can be scared of confrontation and take disagreement very seriously. In relationships, they can be difficult to secure in the first place because they are so particular and judgemental. This can cause them to never settle down for long or conversely, they may be the type to constantly need to be in a relationship with anyone for the sake of being in one.If they feel there isn’t fairness and teamwork in a relationship, they may begin plotting their way out and might even cheat before ending things in order to feel that the partnership they offer is valued to someone.

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