Natal Sun Square Mars

Natal Sun Square Mars

Sun is our souls purpose, ego, expression, confidence, consciousness, domineering men, links us to our career, etc. 

Mars is our motivation, energy, passion, sexual desires, conflict, ego, confrontation and reactions. 

Squares create tension internally for the native who may not be consciously aware of how this is affecting their outer world. 
When you see this square, they usually come from a background of conflict with the father or domineering male figure in the house hold. There could’ve been a lot of criticising comments said to the native that may have created insecurities and inner frustrations with the self. They would’ve learnt to defend themselves a lot in their childhood and usually defend themselves against their own insecurities. The sun highlights the expression of mars which indicates health issues. The sign that mars falls in will signal a health issue with that. Mars in Taurus, thyroid, lipomas. Mars in libra, kidney issues. Mars in Leo, spine and mobility. Virgo, diabetes. The health issues can be physical and seen with this square. This could be inherited from the fathers side or domineering parent. 
As the sun and mars both indicate ego, when there is a square, there can be an ego complex which prevents the native from being able to actually see their own ego. Mars creates a battle with the ego. When you think about Venus being balance and mars essentially being opposite the Venus, there isn’t much harmony with this square. Venus links us to interpersonal relationships. Mars square links us to interpersonal relationship conflicts. These people have a hard time in relationships. Many of the women I’ve read in straight relationships have complained about dating a man who can “handle them”. They always want to be handled lol. That’s because they know they have a temper themselves and want a man who is going to match that. However many of these women can get so angry at times they can be part of domestic situations or date aggressive men. Imagine two aggressive people dating? That doesn’t always lead to harmony. Just friction. These people love passion and confuse conflict with passion at times. My advice had always been they need to date a man who brings them peace. We need balance in our relationships if we are going to learn from others. They don’t like that lol but this is what I suggest for healthy relationships! 
in relationships, we need to learn from others to become more self aware to evolve as people and sometimes there can be criticism. These natives are not always fond of criticism and have a hard time taking accountability in their relationships. It’s everybody else’s fault. It’s I want an apology and don’t see why I should apologise. This is why someone who’s balanced works best with them as they would know how to communicate with them to encourage better behaviour.
sun and mars can both link us to our careers, they people have a load of energy for success. However they can get stagnant if They are not open to hearing suggestions on expanding their career. They make the choice. They decide. 
In reference to their expression, these people are very sexy! They attract people towards them with there warm vibrant sexy energy! It’s addictive. They love having fun. They are the life and soul of the party. Wherever the energy is, it’s where they want to be. If not, they’ll bring the energy. Due to the nature of their sexiness, it’s easy to offend people. They are prone to being judged and criticised and this is what lead them to defend themselves. These people need to be worn out on a daily basis. They need to work out and keep active to be productive with the energy release. The constant activity keeps them focused. The sign of mars/sun is dependent on health and how someone wants to burn energy.
Although this square may bring tension, it is a placement that brings unforgettable energy that is always the life and soul of the party.  

Written by Honey

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