A 12th House Link Up

A 12th House Link Up


12th House People

November 2019, I made an impulsive decision to travel to Qatar to visit my friend who moved there several years ago. I always wanted to go and visit her but it was just never the right time for me. I booked my flight and It was the first time I travelled alone. Like, really alone. Also, I didn't check the transits until after I had booked. It turned out that day, It was a New Moon in Sagittarius! Sagittarius represents travels and New Moons means doing something new for the first time. This was super significant for me. I had to go!

Although my trip was only for 5 days, I was completely taken back with how packed it was.

This was literally one of the best holidays I have ever experienced! My friend did so much to keep me entertained and to literally show me all of Doha! I loved it and I could totally understand why she absolutely loves it too!

My friends partner is American and of course he celebrates Thanks Giving, so he threw a little shindig at his place inviting loads of his friends which included American and British people which all happens in Qatar. I felt at home but I was so far away it was such a weird feeling. 

The people I had proper conversations with all happened to be 12 house people! When your're an Astrologer, everyone has questions and wants to talk more. I try not to tell people but my friend who has her Mercury in Aries pretty much likes to let everyone know! haha! All the people in the picture above which includes, me my friends Partner, My friend and her partners friend, are all 12th house suns. It ran deep for me to discover this. 

The thing is with 12th house people is we all require the need to escape. The 12th house is the house of Astral Travel. But many of us find ourselves travelling to different countries and ending up in a place of isolation. My friend who is a Pisces Moon, who has always depended on her family for support, travelled to an entire different country ALONE. This was huge for her and I am so proud of all she has achieved as a 12 house sun. Shes a 10th house sun in Qatar which does wonders for her career and recognition. anyone who is a 12th house sun, i recommend travelling to another country or booking an 'AstroCatography' reading with me to discover where in the world you can get what you want based on you would like to achieve. 

You see, there is so much stigma surrounding being a 12th house sun. 'Astrologers' saying you don't know your souls purpose or who you are and lack direction but coming out to Qatar and meeting successful 12th house sun people was super inspiring for me but also it put my mind at ease even more than before. 

Not all 12 House sun people are crackhead, alcoholics or dealing with severe mental health issues. Many of us may not have a father figure around but we create our own direction and path and we are achievers. Stop listening to what these Astrologers tell you about it being an awful place for the sun. We have our challenges, but many of us are doing great.

Things 12th House people are prone to do:

  • Clubbing alone
  • reading
  • creating behind the scenes
  • Travelling in the mind
  • Escaping into substances
  • Overindulging in Alcohol/drugs
  • Escaping into music
  • Creating music
  • Self undoing

 I have created a 12th house Group where all Pisces, strong Neptune aspects and 12th house people are free to join and talk amongst ourselves! To join this group, please click the image below:



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