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The Diving Deep Podcast!

Welcome to the Diving Deep Podcast!!
Podcasts are on the rise now due to convenience. But don't worry, my YouTube videos will still be posted every so often but my podcast will be where I will post more of my content! For the last several months, I've been gathering information from all of you to create the most informative podcast!


The pros to this podcast are:

  • You can listen anywhere
  • Perfect for the Mars squares, Geminis and Aries who need to multi-task
  • You can listen whilst at your desk job
  • You can perfect your listening skills
  • Information shared here is not shared on YouTube
  • Not to mention the educational benefits
  • A NEW FEATURE (coming soon) is being available on WhatsApp where you can have direct access to me questions.
  • You get discount on any further readings

 Current Topics in this Podcast are:

- Sexual Abuse in depth #1
- Dreams in Astrology #2
- Autism and Depression #3
- Saturn Square Personal Planets #4
- Live Solar Return for a client #5
- Subscriber question: Transgender Charts #6
- Subscriber Question: Sexual Promiscuity (orientation) in the Chart #7
- Pluto Aspects Natal/Synastry Planets #8
- The Importance of Self Care #9
- Mercury Rx talks. What to do #10
- "People shun Astrology" #11 
- Jupiter in Capricorn #12
- Karma in Astrology #13
- The importance of Moon/Venus When picking a spouse #14
- Major Life Transits we experience and Death #15
- Parents and Family Dynamics in the birth chart #16
- Elements and Grand Trines #17
- The Tea On Predictive Astrology #18
- Fertility in Astrology #19
- Why you don't relate to particular placements #20
Placements for rapists, child molesters, Murderers ft R Kelly, Ted Bundy, Harvey Weinstein and more #21 
Ashley Does Progressed Reading For Honey #22
Podcast by Jacob: Why Men Are Trash based off our Mars #23
Pisces Rx and Rx natal planets #24
Astrocatography, using Astrology to Travel #25
Your Rising sign and the 12th house coronations #26
Cancer rising/Gemini 12th house ep 26 part2
Corona Virus Pandemic #27
Gemini Brown Collaboration #28
Neptune #29
Spotting Sex Work in Astrology #30
Open Relationships In Astrology #31
Sexual Contacts and Mars #32
South Node Conjunctions Natal and Synastry #33
Saturn Rx May 2020 #34
Narcissism in Astrology #35
North Node conjunctions Part 1 #36
North Node Conjunctions Part 2 #37
Soul Mate connections in Synastry #38
Stelliums In Astrology #39
BONUS EPISODE Honey & AstroDim | 12th House Experience
Enemies In Astrology #41
3 Loves in Life | Astrology #42
Jupiter in Aquarius and Pisces Transit #43
Saturn Return Details #44
Aquarius full moon #45
Vocations. Finding your career using Astrology #46
Boundaries in Astrology #47
Mars Rx #48
Synastry, Composite and Event Charts #49
Clients with challenging charts. How to deal with it #50
Reincarnation and the problems with not fixing life issues #51
"whats more accurate, wholes sign or pladicus" #52
How to Read a Birth chart #53
Trusting your intuition when booking readings #54


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