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podcast update!

It has been over a year now since I started this podcast and I have been involved in a few projects. I’m still figuring out where I want this to go.  
Podcasts are on the rise now due to convenience.
my podcast is currently for my VIP members until I have decided what I want to do with it in the long run. 

so unfortunately, it’s inaccessible if you are not a vip member. 


The pros to this podcast are:

  • You can listen anywhere
  • Perfect for the Mars squares, Geminis and Aries who need to multi-task
  • You can listen whilst at your desk job
  • You can perfect your listening skills
  • Information shared here is not shared on YouTube
  • Not to mention the educational benefits
  • A NEW FEATURE (coming soon) is being available on WhatsApp where you can have direct access to me questions.
  • You get discount on any further readings

 Current Topics in this Podcast are:

- Sexual Abuse in depth #1
- Dreams in Astrology #2
- Autism and Depression #3
- Saturn Square Personal Planets #4
- Live Solar Return for a client #5
- Subscriber question: Transgender Charts #6
- Subscriber Question: Sexual Promiscuity (orientation) in the Chart #7
- Pluto Aspects Natal/Synastry Planets #8
- The Importance of Self Care #9
- Mercury Rx talks. What to do #10
- "People shun Astrology" #11 
- Jupiter in Capricorn #12
- Karma in Astrology #13
- The importance of Moon/Venus When picking a spouse #14
- Major Life Transits we experience and Death #15
- Parents and Family Dynamics in the birth chart #16
- Elements and Grand Trines #17
- The Tea On Predictive Astrology #18
- Fertility in Astrology #19
- Why you don't relate to particular placements #20
Placements for rapists, child molesters, Murderers ft R Kelly, Ted Bundy, Harvey Weinstein and more #21 
Ashley Does Progressed Reading For Honey #22
Podcast by Jacob: Why Men Are Trash based off our Mars #23
Pisces Rx and Rx natal planets #24
Astrocatography, using Astrology to Travel #25
Your Rising sign and the 12th house coronations #26
Cancer rising/Gemini 12th house ep 26 part2
Corona Virus Pandemic #27
Gemini Brown Collaboration #28
Neptune #29
Spotting Sex Work in Astrology #30
Open Relationships In Astrology #31
Sexual Contacts and Mars #32
South Node Conjunctions Natal and Synastry #33
Saturn Rx May 2020 #34
Narcissism in Astrology #35
North Node conjunctions Part 1 #36
North Node Conjunctions Part 2 #37
Soul Mate connections in Synastry #38
Stelliums In Astrology #39
BONUS EPISODE Honey & AstroDim | 12th House Experience
Enemies In Astrology #41
3 Loves in Life | Astrology #42
Jupiter in Aquarius and Pisces Transit #43
Saturn Return Details #44
Aquarius full moon #45
Vocations. Finding your career using Astrology #46
Boundaries in Astrology #47
Mars Rx #48
Synastry, Composite and Event Charts #49
Clients with challenging charts. How to deal with it #50
Reincarnation and the problems with not fixing life issues #51
"whats more accurate, wholes sign or placidus" #52
How to Read a Birth chart #53
Trusting your intuition when booking readings #54
Reading I did for Moniece Slaughter #56
Dealing with Trolling and Boundaries #57
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