Mia Khalifa Birth Chart


Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese born, American woman who is a media personality. Mia is previously known for taking part in Pornography movies which began in October 2014.

Rising: (Time not confirmed)

Sun: Aquarius

Moon: Libra

Let’s talk about what Mia is known for and how she ended up in the sex industry. Mia has a 21 degree sun. The 21st degree is a Sagittarius degree leading to the expression of her sun to be linked to freedom, travel, foreign and education. The Aquarius sign is linked to liberation, social reform and rebellion. Mia is known for exposing the sex industry for how they exploited the sex workers. Using her own experience as an example. She went viral after she performed in a porno wearing a hijab which went viral and created an uproar within the Muslim community. Being a Lebanon born from a Muslim country, this caused lots of uproar within the community. 
Mia didn’t feel protected by the porn industry which lead her to leave. 
Mia spoke about her insecurities growing up in her interviews after leaving the industry. Insecurities can be found through aspects to the sun, Venus, 5h and the 2nd. She has Chiron opposing her sun, Saturn conjunct her sun and Pluto squaring her sun and Saturn. Challenging aspects to the sun contribute to insecurities leading to career choices being based on how she feels about herself. Sun is how we express ourselves within our purpose. 
pluto leads us to feel powerless at time, Saturn leads us to feel restricted in our career.
Saturn and Pluto are planets that are associated with government, power, control and corporations. The tension with the aspects can expose Mia to feel like “someone is always after her”. Like a heavy energy making it hard to be herself. Constantly being judged and never feeling good enough.

Mia needs to put herself in a position where she is in control running her own business or brand to avoid being exploited in whatever industry she chooses to work for. 

Although we cannot confirm the exact degree of her moon, I believe she is a Libra moon. She has Mars and Venus in a tight square too which can be linked to relationship issues. Wanting to fit in with people and a sense of safety being around others. But witnessing the injustice and wanting to speak up to encourage change. This speaking up leads to a lot of conflict.