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Amira has been hand picked by Honey. 

Amira is a Spiritualist with well over 15 years experience of reading people to help bring clarification to their lives. She is a spirit medium, and delivers messages as they are given to her. Amira has been blessed with intuitive gifts which allows her to reads with tarot or without. She also creates spiritual baths for her clients, as a separate service to help them on their path to change. Her philosophy as a Priestess of Obatala in the Lucumi tradition, is balance through a holistic spiritual practice. If you require a Spiritual Bath, please speak with Amira after your reading.

Nurturing Cancer rising, Early degree Aries Sun, Tantalising Venus in Pisces with a Scorpio Moon designed to transform you through her.


  • Your reading will last up to 30 minutes
  • Amira uses a whole deck of cards (if she uses cards) when reading
  • Amira is pretty flexible with her readings. Your reading can be recorded and sent directly to your email and yours to keep, or you can arrange a FaceTime/Skype reading. This will be confirmed after your booking.
  • Reading can be delivered within a 2 week period. Again, this will depend after you communicate with Amira
  • Please use the comment box in cart to write any questions you'd like Amira to look into.


Disclaimer: Amira is not liable for any action taken as a result of these readings. Tarot reading are meant to provide a spiritual service and insight and are not a replacement for professional, legal, financial, or medical advice. Your decisions and choices are your own and by booking a reading with Amira liable for any resulting damages.


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