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This is a PDF document of your entire birth chart with current transits (roughly around 20+ pages long pre-written). I recommend this document if you are on a journey to learn more about your chart if you do not want a reading. If you require something more intense I recommend a intense chart reading.


- Aspect description 

- How long the the planets were in aspect at the time

- Houses and house placements explained

- Most dominant elements explained

- Chart diagram

 You must provide me with: 
o EXACT time of birth (11:44pm) 
o Date of Birth (12th June 1990) 
o Location / Town of birth (London, UK) 
o Current Location (Bronx, New York) 
o Your rising and moon sign 
o Whether you are Male or Female 
o Correct email address! 
o Please do not order a reading if you cannot provide the correct information above 

This is delivered within 24 hours via your email. Please use the information box at the 'view cart' to type in your information. 962

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