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In this reading I’ll dive deep into what’s blocking your fertility and how you can increase your fertility, femininity and sensuality naturally

LOVE has been always the motivating force and motivation in my life. I can't help it but I simply LOVE seeing people who love each other happy and re-united together. One of the ultimate expressions of Love is starting a family, having a baby with the man you love - and in order for you to experience that I gladly assist you with all that I know.
That is my promise to you.

Since I have always been fascinated with how you can make your life as a woman feel and look beautiful and healthy I decided to become an Essence of Bellydance teacher in 2016. I have been teaching bellydance, pelvic floor and meditation in motion classes ever since parallel to my languages & cultures studies. A couple of women who had fertility problems actually became fertile and pregnant after visiting my pelvic floor classes. It is the most heartwarming feeling to see how every woman literally blossoms into her own unique beauty by consistently doing bellydance and/or pelvic floor movements. In order for me to not fear pregnancy and birth ( I'd like to have five children when the time has come ) but instead having a more knowledgable and realistic approach to it I started becoming a CBI Birth Doula. It helped me to overcome my fear and get excited even more about motherhood and how I can help other women with the same fear to move as smoothly as possible through pregnancy and birth.

I am very empathetic and intuitive by nature and often have psychic visions that (so far) always came true. Somehow I just can feel what's going on with someone below the surface and tap into what it is they actually need. With this gift of mine and the ancient methods I have learned through multiple studies, books and voluntary work on the Fiji islands with the natives I warmly assist you in becoming pregnant while feeling gorgeous as the beautiful woman you are and were created to be.

time: 30 minutes 

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