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Why Pluto? Pluto is the planet that represents the spiritual realm, our inner psyche, pain, power, transformation, and regeneration, and throughout my life, I have wondered why these facets have always intrigued me. After enduring much change, listening to my soul’s calling, and studying astrology (and other fields of study), I feel as though I unlocked my potential on a spiritual level, which is why my mantra, “Uncover Your Cosmic Purpose” represents my life’s purpose to assist and guide others to understand their true purpose in this world.  My consultations utilize both intuition and special techniques to support and aid you in your quest towards understanding who you are on a spiritual, astrological, and psychological level. I have received extensive astrological training from Ever Reese (Conceptual Astrologer and Cozmophyzixian). During 2017, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. In addition to that, I served in religious settings where I am licensed to minister. I have been blessed to empower and exhort individuals of all ages and all walks of life.  All in all, my vision and mission is centered on using everything (intuitiveness, discernment, knowledge) God has provided me with… in order to serve you.  

After you book a reading, Pluto will send you a email to confirm your appointment time and discuss any questions you may have.

  • Good lighting for a clear photo of your hand

  • Your entire palm (fingertips to wrist)

  • duration: 45 minutes   
  • Delivery of your reading will be within a 2 week turn around time

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