What Are Annual Profections?

What Are Annual Profections?

Annual profections in astrology is a predictive technique that involves dividing a person's natal chart into twelve equal segments, using Whole House System. Each house representing a year of their life. This technique is used to determine the dominant theme or focus for a person's year ahead, and it is based on the concept of the "ruler" of each house.

To calculate your annual profections, you start with your natal Ascendant, which represents your first house and is the first year of your life. You then move through each subsequent house in your chart, assigning a new house ruler for each year based on the natural order of the zodiac signs.

I have created an Annual Profections wheel below to see what age links us to what house.

Click here to be taken to the Annual Profection Houses to see a list of the houses and what to expect. 

In Annual Profections, there is not Pluto, Neptune or Uranus. Only traditional rulers are used to calculate the charts. However, when conducting Solar Return readings, I would include Pluto, Neptune and Uranus which would usually be linked to the Annual profection through transits anyway. 

Once you have assigned a ruler to each house, you can look at the position of that planet in your natal chart and the transits it will make throughout the year ahead to gain insight into the dominant themes or areas of focus for that year.

Annual profections are a useful tool for gaining insight into the overall themes and energies of a given year, as well as for identifying potential areas of growth and challenge. By understanding the ruler of each house and its corresponding transits, you can gain a deeper understanding of the energies at play and make more informed decisions about how to navigate the year ahead. The Annual Profections will always correspond with the Solar Return. Even if you are aways for a holiday, or have moved to another country, Annual Profections will work parallel with the Solar Return. 


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