Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if my order is late or has not arrived yet?

Please respond to your order confirmation email where your order number is located. If you do not have a confirmation email, please use the contacts form at the bottom of this page to contact me for more help. 

2. Can I pay by CashApp?

Unfortunately, no. Most cards are supported and Paypal.

3. Do you have an express service?

Not at the moment. 

4. My order says its been Fulfilled, but i have yet to receive it?

Please check your spam folder. Sometimes orders get sent there instead. If you do not have it, please use the contact form below.

5. The service I want is sold out. How long till its back in stock?

Keep checking. It will be available within days-weeks.

6. My virtual consultation is not on google drive anymore, where has it gone?

Unfortunately, I do not have the storage capacity to store consultations for longer than 3 months. You are advised to download them when they get delivered to you.

7. What are the consultations like?

This will depend on what you order however, they are all recorded via audio. Read through the description of the readings

8. I don’t  know my time of birth, can I still book with you?

If you don’t know your time, you can book 'personality consultation' and we can look at your placements. If you are booking for a Synastry consultation you can still book however, if you find out your partners time of birth later, your reading will not be done again. 

9. Do you offer Astrology classes?

Yes! Please search classes in the search tab!

10. What house system do you use?

By default I use Placidus when reading natal charts. Whole house for annual profections (that is by default), and whole house/placidus when tracking transits. I have found both systems to be accurate for some things more than the other. I do not use other systems or versions apart from what is listed above. Please do not book suggesting what system you would like me to read for you.

11. Why is the currency in British pounds?

I know most of my clients are abroad, but my prices are set to the location I live in. I live here in the London, UK. When making payment with your bank, It may come off on your statement as an international payment in the currency amount of your country. Some banks may charge an international fee. This can range from $1-$3 USD. If you pay by PayPal, there are not any international fees.

12. What if my payment is declined but says pending on my bank statement?

Pending means I do not have your money, but it has left the bank. Your payment is in going through 'security checks' because you put in the wrong bank details or your bank detects an international payment it does not recognise. Your payment has not gone through to me and will not go through automatically. If a payment went through, you would be emailed automatically an order confirmation number. If you did not get a confirmation number from me, your order did not go through. There is nothing that I can do on my side if your payment is pending. The bank usually do these checks for up to 5 days but most people are given back their money within 24 hours. Please ensure your details are correct. This is to protect the buyer and the seller from scams. I have no control over this.

 13. What does 'conflict booking' mean?

If you have just placed an order and received a conflict booking email, this is usually down to two people who have booked at the same time. This leads to a scheduling error. You will need to rebook using the scheduling link in the conflict booking email. If this does not get booked within 24 hours, I will have to manually rebook for you which could result in your delivery date being pushed back. You should book as soon as possible to avoid losing out of available slots.

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