About Dr Honey

I am a Modern Western Astrologer who uses my YouTube Channel as a platform to teach knowledge on Astrology.

"I use Astrology as a supporting tool, its never the be all and end all"

I got into Astrology when a friend sent me to visit an Astrologer in South London. I didn't know anything about Astrology at this time apart from "my star sign is Aries" which is what most people know. The Astrologer read my chart which felt like he read my life. And this was the beginning of my journey. I became obsessed with wanting to know more. I was at a low point in my life. And when your at your lowest point the only way is up. I feel astrology helped me up as I felt like it gave me a sense of purpose. 
With Sun and Mercury sitting in my 12th house and being in a place of seclusion for a couple years, I began to talk to myself. Sounds crazy right? But I fell in love with my own company. But I discovered I wasn't talking to myself. It was Mercury in my 12th house. I was getting picture messages in my head and I was awakening my unconsciousness. I began to make YouTube videos. But Im a Saturn, Pluto and Neptune Dominant! I wanted to hear the good, the bad and the ugly! Not may channels spoke about the dark side of astrology much. I feel like I bring a realistic approach to YouTube. I prefer to learn from experience, so I share my personal experiences, transits, positions as a teaching method to guide others.
I specialise in Neptune, decoding the 12th house.
 Im also currently studying psychology and Counselling as my passion is understanding the human psyche (12th house stuff haha).
(Aries sun in the 12th, Mercury in Taurus in the 12th, Gemini Rising, Moon in Capricorn in the 8th Conjunct Neptune, Uranus and Saturn, Venus in Pisces Trine Jupiter in Cancer )

"I am a 12th House person. I am here to make your unconscious, conscious"




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