About Honey's Astro

Two weeks after my 25th birthday, I was sent to an Astrologer by a friend who told me she went the week before and I would benefit going. Her exact words were "Honey, I'm not really a Libra, Im a scorpio!" I was thinking, whatever, i don’t  want anybody telling me i was anything other than an Aries...lol. I was going through the worst time of my life, suffering with depression, losing my job, my home. Nothing was going right. I had no more fight left in me. 

At the time, all i knew about Astrology was that "my star sign is Aries" and Ignorance was bliss! The Astrologer who read my chart, Israel Ajose, spent roughly two hours going through my chart and briefly through my Solar Return. I was in total shock this man that never met me was able to tell me enough about myself through my birthday information. I wanted to know so much more. This began my journey in Astrology. As i was now unemployed, I had a shit load of time to dedicate to learning. At the time, there was not many youtube Astrologers to reference, not many articles or many groups. I ended up investing the little money I had on books, I would print off anything Id find on websites and place in my astrology folder and use to study later. I also made some friends in the Astrology field which was helpful for my development. I was talking about astrology all day to whoever would listen! 

I noticed my depression started to go. I felt happier. I felt like I had found my purpose. I ended up moving out of London through no control of my own and I was officially isolated! It was a strange time for me. I went back to work but I had that same unfulfilling feeling. I ended up creating a YouTube channel where I would post relationship advice as I had so much to think about now living alone but I did not get the engagement I was looking for. Either way I enjoyed creating content. I made a video titled "Why I Don’t Date Scorpios" and within 4 days I had 800 views and many angry scorpios sending me death treats. As an Aries Sun, the drama gave me drive, motivation and an adrenalin rush which I enjoyed. lol. The video was not serious at all and I proceeded to make a why I don’t  date series for all the signs so I was not being bias. This started the content creation with Astrology. I deleted my relationship videos and became dedicated to Astrology content. It made me happy when people would say how much the videos helped. As the years passed, I wanted to read charts professionally so I spent a couple years doing readings for free to build up my clientele and gain consultation experience. I then began to charge clients and then the waiting list got longer and longer. I also had a love for Psychology. Psychology has always been my first love but i began studying Psychology and would implement it into Astrology and human behaviour. I include this within my consultations too.

I chosen to specialise in decoding the 12th house in Astrology. As my Sun sits there along with my Mercury. As this House is so misunderstood, with many years navigating this house, I enjoy providing personal experience and peace for my fellow 12th housers.

My love for Astrology, Psychology and Technology has only grown more and more as the years pass.