What Is the Imum Coeli?

What Is the Imum Coeli?

Your Imum Coeli, or IC, is the place where you find yourself as a child. It's a place of comfort, where you feel safe and comfortable. It represents our up-brining and family dynamics.

The IC is associated with your upbringing and how it has affected your life and level of safety today. As a result, the Imum Coeli helps you learn about yourself and your inner world. While the midheaven deals with career goals and aspirations and the outer world, the Imum Coeli plays a role in where those come from. Acting as the answer for who you are today, the Imum Coeli reveals who you are when you're with your family at home.

At its core, the IC is transparent and genuine — showing who you are in your comfort zone. Even if you consider yourself to be self-aware, there is always still learning to do. We can better understand the decisions we make and the reactions we have by looking at our Imum Coeli.

The signs that sit on your 4th house cusp represent the energy you are likely to me most familiar with in your family envionment. for example, if Leo rules this house, you are likely to stand out significantly. This could be down to be the first boy to be born in the family, the one who looks different or the one who is most creative. There is something expressive about you within your family and this is where you are likely to feel safe flaunting your talents. The sign here is who we are at home and the sign on the MC is who we aim to be represented as.

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