What Is The Midheaven?

What Is The Midheaven?

The MC is one of the most significant points in your birth chart because it can define your career path and determine how others see you.

The MC is your public image and the role you aspire to play on "your" world's stage. Yes. it can define your career but it can also define the role you play in your career field, your advocation, and your community.

The Midheaven is one of the four main angles of the chart. The other three are the Imum Coeli (IC – directly opposite the Midheaven), the Ascendant (ASC), and the Descendant (DSC).

While the Midheaven is usually found at or near the top of the chart wheel, its direction is South of the hemisphere. The Sun, Moon and Ascendant all point to it in this way, while Mercury, Venus and Saturn all point away from it.

The Midheaven represents our life path or career path. It can also represent our social standing and reputation. In astrology, we often see this point as representing our “life purpose” or “calling” in life. Its the role you play in your working environment. This is also the house associated with our parents and our relation with authority. The sign that rules this house represents the sign we would like to be represented as. For example, if Aries sits here, you are likely to want to be recognised as being someone who is assertive, a boss, and direct. Libra would then rules your 4th house cusp (imum Coeli) which would indicate feeling as though you were not seen as much as your other siblings or family members. You may have found yourself having to mediate a lot between family and try to keep the peace of balance. 

The Midheaven is the energy you are working towards. 


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