Taurus Moon Natal

Taurus Moon Natal


In natal Astrology, the Moon represents how an individual absorbs and interacts with their environment on a subconscious and intuitive level, including their emotional nature. It is important to remember that this contrasts with the very conscious and logical analysis of the environment that are handled by the planet Mercury. The Moon represents the ways we care for and protect ourselves psychically and emotionally; it’s how we empathize with others and the things that we find comforting and safe. The Moon is also representative of the Mother, or nurturing parent, and how we subconsciously learned to address our emotional needs in early life. As such, the Moon is the natural ruler of the sign Cancer, which is assigned the activities and themes of the 4th House.

Taurus is symbolized by the Bull and is the fixed, feminine earth sign of the zodiac. It shares its planetary ruler Venus with Libra. In Taurus, Venus is more focused on sensuous and practical concerns, which is in slight contrast with the more mental and idealistic focus that it has when channeled through Libra. Through Taurus, Venus’s focuses are on consistency, tradition, loyalty, stability, sensuality, strength, abundance, pleasure and comfort. Taurus is also the natural ruler of the 2nd House of the Horoscope. The 2nd House succeeds the 1st House where we have developed the sense of  “I am.” The 2nd House is where we define our sense of esteem for who we are and what is ours, or more simply stated: “I have.” The 2nd House, then, represents the part of our life that contends with our personal values, structures, strength of character, and sense of self-worth. On a more materialistic level, it also represents our possessions, our earning ability, our attitudes towards money and wealth, what we find sensually pleasing and how we typically go about obtaining it. 

When the Moon comes into Taurus, we can first begin with appreciating that the Moon is exalted in this sign. The Moon is concerned with our safety and security while Taurus is concerned with practicality, stability and comfort. The Moon is at great advantage here to achieve exactly what she needs in order to feel completely safe and secure. Cancer and Taurus also form a sextile aspect to each other, which in itself denotes easy cooperation in order to acheive the same goals. In an instance of such an easy relating, the only real issue we see is lack of initiative in taking care of business before we address personal pleasure. We can also see the habit of relying too easily on material things or sensual indulgences to provide us with emotional contentment. At its highest polarity, we will see a practical and steadfast approach towards achieving emotional and material security that lasts for a lifetime, as these people strive to achieve firm and reliable foundations to build and grow from. They are balanced and they are consistent.  On the lowest polarity we will see people that much too often try to take the easy way out and prefer to not overexert themselves any more than they need to, as long as they have what they need in the present moment. This often causes intermittent periods of distress and incessant worry that is grossly unnecessary and antithetical towards their ultimate goals. The best course of action with this placement, is to accept that comfort requires discomfort. One can not exist without the other. In order to get to a better place, we must first be at a more difficult place; In order to lounge and luxuriate, we must first be able to work and focus which is a life-long practice that must be accepted and appreciated.

Emotional security is most commonly achieved via material and sensual outlets. The Moon in Taurus must have easy access to the material and sensual things that make them feel most comfortable, which can include basic things like food, shelter, clothing and sex. Or it can include more advanced things such as luxury clothing, fine furniture, alcohol and even recreational drugs. They must also have a solid sense of self-worth and firmly established values in order to feel that they are in a position to function optimally in daily life. A stable and consistent environment is of the utmost importance to them due to the insecurity that comes with change of any kind. When change arises, they can quickly become difficult and resistant to move along with it, preferring to dig their heels into the ground instead of even considering adaptation. Their way of expressing their emotions is generally very calm and grounded as their planetary ruler Venus lends them the concern for maintaining the peace and serenity as often as possible. Taurus is known as the most stubborn sign of the zodiac, but the Moon in Taurus will often opt to agree to disagree quickly after realizing that that their sentiments are not understood or are being challenged rather than wasting time arguing or over asserting themselves. This often works for them in the present but in the long run it can be a very dangerous game. The Moon in Taurus seldom lets go of perceived transgressions easily and after quite some time of repressing the expression of their true feelings, they become a ticking time bomb that the smallest gesture can set off. The rage that ensues when that bomb explodes eclipses that of every other sign in the zodiac and it often proves extremely consequential for the native with this placement, as well as those who had the misfortune of being anywhere near their path when it occurred. This can manifest much more quickly if they are pushed beyond their limits after several attempts at digging their heels into the ground as they do not like to be backed into a corner or forced to do anything. If they do mature beyond the point of bottling-up emotion, they can sometimes appear very one-sided and selfish when expressing their feelings as if seeing someone else’s point of view has little bearing on their own. The trap this placement must avoid at all costs is over-indulgence in sensual comforts to compensate for emotional dissatisfaction as it can quickly escalate to addiction or else cause tremendous consequences for their health.

The person with this Moon placement would have likely had an early home environment that was very value and standard focused. They were taught to look to societal standards to gauge their position in life. Traditional and conservative ideologies were embraced, including heavy themes of capitalism and materialism. Importance was placed on establishing security by way of what they owned and their ability to obtain more. The value of the dollar could have been a constant discussion in the home that was instilled into the mind at an early age, so they may have had parents that heavily encouraged them to begin working at a very young age. The Mother would have likely been a nurturer that used food and material things to provide comfort to the native with this placement. Although she may have been perceived as a strong woman that was to be reckoned with, she would have still retained her feminine and receptive nature. She could have greatly enjoyed the typical Taurean pastimes of shopping, dining, cooking, and collecting. If the Moon is negatively aspected, it is also possible that the Mother may have overindulged in eating, drinking, and spending to the point of gluttony and sloth.

On the positive side, these are very resilient people who know exactly who they are and they know how to get whatever it is that they need. You can count on them to be steady and reliable, regardless of the situation unless they can be persuaded that change is for their benefit. They are not flighty and will do whatever it takes to make sure that they stand true to their word. They are pleasant and very easy to be around for long periods of time because of their calm and cool demeanor. They can easily see the value in situations and people and will never invest their time into things where they feel it is going to be wasted or otherwise unenjoyable. Their emotional security is closely aligned with their morals and values, so you never have to worry about them randomly doing things that are totally out of character. They prefer to not discuss unpleasantries, and seemingly get over difficult things very quickly. As friends, they are people that you can always count on to just hang out with at home and enjoy good food, nice wine and a warm atmosphere. They are fiercely loyal and will have your back whether you are wrong or right, until you have proven to them that your loyalty does not match theirs. As co-workers, they always get the job done and tend to avoid making much of a spectacle of themselves in the workplace. They are consistent, reliable, and as long as there is money to be made, you can count on them to stay with the ship until it goes down. In relationships, they are faithful lovers who will treat you like their most valuable possession. They will always make sure that you have what you need in order to feel comfortable and are the least-likely to step out on the relationship unless trust and loyalty has already been damaged. 

On the negative side, these people can be boulders that refuse to budge, even for their own benefit. Their loyalty to their principles, while admirable, never expands or changes which can make it very easy for those close to them to become weary and leave them behind. They can have a difficult time enjoying spontaneity and be seen by others as dull and monotonous. Spending time with them, while comfortable and predictable, can eventually begin to feel akin to the rainy cloud on a sunny day that wants to keep you home inside all day. They can feel very judgmental and closed-off when you first meet them as they are attempting to determine your value and worthiness of position in their life. Once you enter into that intimate circle of their close friends, your constant loyalty is demanded or else you will quickly find that they won't ever let go of any faltering and the relationship is all but salvageable.  As friends, they can be possessive and needy. They will always want you to be with them doing the same repetitive things, never expecting that you could ever get bored. If you should suggest alternative activities or environments, they may quickly feel as though you do not appreciate the same things they do and write you off as being incompatible in their life. At work, they can be lazy and do the bare minimum to get by. Co-workers can become quickly annoyed at their lack of urgency and ability to to carry their own weight as a part of a team. They can easily be the people that just show up to work for a paycheck, and never consider looking for more fulfilling work because they simply just aren't motivated enough to leave any situation that is remotely comfortable. In relationships, they can treat you more like a trophy instead of a person with actual thoughts and a mind of your own. They will not let go of betrayals of trust easily yet will not leave a bad relationship unless they are physically removed from it due to their preference for stability and steadfastness.


Written by Cameron©

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