Signs Through The 12th House

Signs Through The 12th House


"The 12th house can have you living an unconscious life, completely unphased of any issues you may have"

The 12th house is the house of the unconscious mind. Solitude, Escapism, Past lives, guilt, escapism, access to other realms, sorrow, hidden enemies, dreams and Sleep. Many Astrologers talk about this house as being one of the worst houses of the wheel. However, this is because it’s also the most misunderstood house. I strongly feel, people who do not have 12th house planets will have a harder time to understand this house than others that do. When you look at all the other houses, we can physically see what they are. 1st house, physical body, 2nd house, your money, 3rd house, your communication, 4th house, your family and so on and so forth. The 12th house is not so clear and nature teaches us to fear of the unknown. This is a mysterious house because the uncertainty makes it attractive at the same time!

Clip from Insidious. A visual representation of light coming in to the 12th house (unconsciousness)

Have you seen the film ‘insidious’? I believe that movie is based on the 12th house. A Recommended watch!

Think of the 12th house as being a dark room. You can’t see a damn thing. Therefore you need to learn how to navigate through that house. Any planet, sign in this house represents being suppressed. It cannot express its authentic self because It doesn’t always know how to. The chart owner must learn throughout their lives to be conscious of their unconscious house. This takes plenty of solitude and meditation. Ive learnt that o love my 12th house planets. 12th house people tend to be interested in psychology or some sort of healing work. we 12h people have mastered the art of empathy on another level. We listen more and we feel deeply. But this can also lead for others to take advantage of us. We can also carry a load of burdens which can be heavy on us leaving us feeling guilty. Planets here can lead to attracting people with mental health issues, substance abusers and violent people because unconsciously they are picking up a healing a energy we have. As much as we empathise for other peoples pains, we need to regain the strength to pick and choose who we want to help. Never feel guilty for not being able to heal someone who may need it. Create a healthy boundary for your own sanity.

The 12th house can be considered as a weak house due to the nature of suppression. But I personally look at this house as strength once you’ve learnt to navigate around it. Imagine being so consciously aware of other people, you know their move before they move. This gives us the advantage. The whole point of this house is to master being inside it and having the flexibility to get out. After all, this is a halfway house…

Our 12th house can tell us so much about ourselves surrounding our past lives, our unconscious thoughts and even how we may have died.


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Aries ruling the 12th house can show competitiveness in your past life. Perhaps dying early or fighting to defend something. In this house you will have a load of unconscious anger you may not be consciously aware of. You may think you are gentle, sweet, and you may absolutely hate dramas. But to other people, you may be told you are extremely angry but your 12th house wont allow you to see this. I like Aries in this house because Aries is the self motivator. Your unconscious mind is to motivate and understand what is happening in your own psyche. But as this is the house of healing others too , your Aries will want to motivate others to decode their unconscious minds. Aries/Mars ruling any house is about applying and receiving energy. This energy wants to regain the consciousness of this house whilst encouraging others to do the same. This is how we win. Your energy can be lost here and may seem lazy or may lack physical stimulation and drive. Use your Mars position to get more of an understanding where you can apply energy.



 Taurus ruling your 12th house can show you may have died harboring all your physical possessions. The karmic issues you’d be faced with will revolve around finances, stability and self esteem. Taurus is home to the 2nd house which governs earned finances. You may be unconsciously aware of your ability to structure your own stability through how to make money. You may go through life with people always mentioning how much potential you have to earn more and to be financially stable. Once you become consciously aware of how you are earning and to be secure and be settled without needing materials, this house becomes easier to deal with. Taurus becomes secure within itself. You will begin to encourage others how best to manage their money, teach the value of security, and use their creativity gifted by Venus. Look to where your Venus is positioned and aspected to see how you are valuing yourself and your money.



With Gemini ruling your 12th house, your past life can show dying early. Ever heard the phrase ‘curiosity kills the cat’? Gemini is very curious hence why their titled the jack of all trades. It loves learning about anything and everything but it needs to value becoming the master of a trade. Much of its learning will happen in solitude. You can learn about a particular subject for years and never actually tell others about it. Unconsciously you may fear not being taken serious about your studies; you may feel like you have not acquired enough information to even talk comfortably about the subject. You can acquire so much information your unconsciousness is forever over thinking and processing which can be overwhelming and can cause mental health; Struggling to make sense of it all. With Gemini ruling the 3rd house of siblings and also communication, there may be a karmic connection surrounding siblings,/cousins encouragement or encouragement towards others to communicate and to try new things. Look to where your Mercury is positioned and aspected to see how you are communicating.



With Cancer ruling your 12th house, your past life can involve issues with your mother family and women in general. There is usually a family secret which stems from before you were born which may still affect your life now. There may be a dependency on family which can make it hard to move forward without cleaning the debt left by your mother. You may struggle with your emotional expression.The fear with cancer in the 12th is emotional rejection and will hide behind a happy facade to avoid emotional vulnerability. Looking at the position of your moon can signify how you are handling your emotions. Cancer in the 12th needs to embrace their emotions and allow themselves to be vulnerable and nurturing towards others. As the 12th house relates to your unconsciousness, you may be unconscious of your lack of this energy which can have an impact on your life.



With Leo ruling your 12th house, your past life can involve being completely self absorbed, overly self expressive and now in this life you’re dealing with a repressed self expression. Leo here can show dying publicly and/or at a young age. You can become very dismissive of some ones else’s shine or ‘celebrity moment’ because you cannot accept your own talents. Hidden talents remain in this house almost like a feeling of guilt just for having a gift. Fear you might outshine people but not in a big headed way. This can also lead to being embarrassed or publicly humiliated in a past life that still haunts you. You must embrace your talents worldly and come to the acceptance of you.  To become conscious in this unconscious house, you must embrace being praised for self expression instead of keeping it hidden. Accept compliments! This will help you to embrace the talents of others and their expressive nature. Leo in this house is required to make other people more confident. This position relates to giving others the boost they need to thrive in whatever they do! You can find yourself experiencing fame or recognition at some point and always feeling like people place you on a pedestal which you despise. Use the position of your sun to help how to embrace this.



 Virgo in the 12th house can show a previous life where you were very critical, judgmental and pedantic. In this life this energy is now suppressed. It is important to be in a field where other people are telling you where they are dissatisfied, helping you to transcend this energy. Perhaps a customer service role would be ideal. Virgo in this house can be very judgmental and suppress their true feelings with frustration. Health wise, Virgo here can develop Psychometric Disorder (especially is there is 6th to 12th house planet opposition or if Mercury has oppositions). This can be a contribution to repressing your judgement. Making it easy for you to people please, and be generally ‘nice’ and likable. You must learn to be honest and express your true dissatisfaction and judgement. The house position of your mercury will help you in areas you should more vocal and judgmental.



Libra ruling your 12th house can indicate a trauma involving an intense relationship in your past life. Depending on the condition of your Venus, it can show dying with a partner, or being badly betrayed by your lover in a past life. This can contribute to a now fear of relationships. As much as you will repress “I don’t need anybody”, in fact, to transcend this house, you must learn to work towards having healthy relationships with others. You are lovable! And you should allow yourself to love others! Don’t feel guilty for this. Relationships tend to be important to you. You are yearning for someone to see the real you, a soul mate. You must admit this to transcend through the 12th house. Libra here feels it does not like to depend on anybody, so it lacks balance. Balance between your own personal needs and the needs of others. Desiring someone so much, you may not be balanced or consciously aware of boundaries leading you to go to particular extremes to make someone love you rather than allowing it happen naturally. The house position of your Venus will contribute to how you can transcend out of the 12th house.



With Scorpio in the 12th house your past life can show you experienced a lot of trauma, power plays and dark times. You may have died from being tortured or experienced a painful death from living a shady lifestyle. Scorpio here can have you feel like you do not have a dark side at all. This dark side to you is unconsciously suppressed. But there is no darkness without light. The darkness must be embraced just as much as the light. You may study Psychology or have an interest in occult subjects. You may not want to express these interests through fear of being completely seen and vulnerable. To become consciously aware of this, you must embrace the darkness of Scorpio and understand that you are not the only one who has secrets or is dealing with demons unconsciously. Some are prepared to face them. Scorpio here may not believe it has demons. To encourage this, becoming a Psychologist and helping clients to uncover their psychological issues teach you about yours. The house placement of your Pluto can give you an indication on what subject matter you can specialise in.



With Sagittarius in the 12th house, you may have a past life where you was a religious figure projecting your philosophy on a subject you mastered migrating and exploring cultures. You could have made brutal judgments in law. You may have died during your travels or got lost truth seeking. With Sagittarius here, you could surpress your spirituality and knowledge due to fear of finding a deeper meaning to life. You may fear discussing a belief you have through being judged by others. Your belief may not seem ‘practical’. Sagittarius in this house tends to suppress natural optimistic energy through fear of failure and wanting to face reality no matter how ugly it is. This is why you apply additional pressure on yourself. You must learn to transcend through this house by finding freedom through being open minded and even practising spirituality. Through finding freedom and being open minded, you will discover a higher consciousnesses. This discovery can lead you to help others navigate through their time of need. You can help them keep the faith! The house placement of your Jupiter will give you an indication of where to focus you faith and philosophy on.



With Capricorn as the 12th house, you may have a past life where you were a public figure, politician, was a conservative or had a lot of responsibility in a place of authority. You may not be consciously aware of the responsibility you have or where you should take accountability for things. Capricorn here can make you unconsciously suppress reality, sad times and restriction which are a part of life and must be faced in order to transcend. You may not see yourself as a disciplinarian, the internal Father or a structured person at all. It may take you a little longer to discover your unconscious self, due to Capricorn making you wait or work harder to fully discover it. Planets here can make the awakening quicker. There can be some self-esteem issues here surrounding your ability to succeed in life through fear of being your own authority. To transcend this house, you must use the position of your Saturn will help you determine where to reconstruct and become the authority.



With Aquarius in the 12th house you may have died unexpectedly while fighting for humanitarian rights. Aquarius here can make you unconsciously aware of your quirkiness or how different you really are. You may fear standing out for these reasons making it hard to embrace your individuality. Aquarius here can fear joining particular groups or associations which can contribute to you being aloof and quite detached from others. The aloneness can get you down, feeling like you are not understood by anyone making you wallow in your own self-pity. To overturn this, you must come to the acceptance that we are all strange in our own ways and we should embrace this. Sleep patterns can be erratic due to unpredictable dreams and unconscious thoughts running rampant before dawn which can also lead to heightened sensitivity towards the unconsciousness. Aquarius here can make you innovative in the unconsciousness. To transcend through this house, you must embrace your quirkiness and embrace being an individual. The position of your Uranus will help you embrace where to be an individual.


With Pisces in the 12th house you may have died saving someone else in a selfless act. You may have wallowed in your self-pity, took an overdose or committed suicide. Pisces here is unconscious to boundaries, empathy, and sensitivity. You may fear being seen as weak or vulnerable if you embraced empathy so you may appear to be aggressive or defensive to hide your true sensitivity. To transcend Pisces through this house, you must embrace empathy and understand the mental and physical boundaries of others. Don’t be ignorant to these feelings and choose to deflect by pointing this out in others. Start with you first! Pisces here can make you unconsciously delusional of your own intuition and sensitivity. You need to trust you intuition. You must learn to give without expecting a return. Develop spirituality in aid to help heal others. Use your body as a way not just physically heal others, but also mentally. The position of Neptune will help you embrace what area to heal and escape to.


Author - Honeys Astro

Written by Honey 12th house specialist © (12th House sun and Mercury)

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