Leo Moon In The Natal Chart

Leo Moon In The Natal Chart

Natal Moon in Leo

In natal Astrology, the Moon represents how an individual absorbs and interacts with their environment on a subconscious and intuitive level, including their emotional nature. It is important to remember that this contrasts with the very conscious and logical analysis of the environment that are handled by the planet Mercury. The Moon represents the ways we care for and protect ourselves psychically and emotionally; it’s how we empathize with others and the things that we find comforting and safe. The Moon is also representative of the Mother, or nurturing parent, and how we subconsciously learned to address our emotional needs in early life. As such, the Moon is the natural ruler of the sign Cancer, which is assigned the activities and themes of the 4th House.

Leo the Lion is a Fixed, Fire sign that is Masculine in polarity. It is ruled by the Sun and has natural dominion over the 5th House of the horoscope. In the horoscope, the Sun symbolizes our life force and vitality. It represents the part of our ego that is concerned with creativity as not just a means for survival, but also to feel that our existence is special and has meaning. Our Sun is what we would like to be most appreciated for and can highlight the areas of life where we have the most to give to the world. The 5th House represents our passions, romance, sexuality, sexual intercourse that is casual as well as reproductive, self-expression, self-celebration, creativity, talent, self-sufficiency, and entertainment. In the 4th House we have compiled our view of the world, our personal values, and our understanding of others in the world into a subjective identity that is crystalized. Our instincts have become keen, and we know how to hold down our own. In the 5th House, we take that identity and run with it as far as we can take it. It’s the house of our debut as integrated people who are ready to enjoy the world and be appreciated and admired for our unique and admirable qualities.




When the Moon comes into Leo, their energies are semi-sextile in their house form and planet form, which indicates that each are learning how to build upon the other. The Sun and Moon are known as the Luminaries in Astrology. They are the are two of the most impactful celestial bodies towards the strength of expressing our vitality, and what that vitality requires in order to function most efficiently. The Sun provides light to the Earth during the day, while the Moon reflects that light towards Earth when the Sun is facing the other side of the earth at night. The phases of the Moon determine just how much of that light is reflected to us on earth, which we can use as an analogy for how the Moon in Leo behaves. Their emotional nature will also wax and wane depending on their state of self-satisfaction and self-realization. People with Moon in Leo can be the most giving, joyful, and inspiring people that you have ever met. When they are feeling appreciated, have established self-love, and have found their special place in the world they are the most vibrant, joyful and soulful people you could ever hope to be around. Their loyalty is fierce, and their inner strength is unparalleled. They pour their hearts into everything that they do and work hard so that they can play harder. Their lack of ever wanting to be seen in a negative light at any cost will make them the most likely people to choose the high road when it comes to emotional stress or matters of the heart. They will take the time to seek out the heart of the situation and then rely on their inner strength to find positive resolution. When they are not feeling appreciated, do not have self-love, and have not found meaningful purpose in the world they can be cold, dull and will bring others down due to their lack of self-sustainability. Their loyalty can flit from person to person, depending on whomever is giving them the most attention at the time. Their inner strength lies in being valued by others instead of in establishing value and respect for themselves, which can lead them to unnecessarily ostentatious and attention-seeking behavior. They are the most prone to dramatic, incendiary and over-reactive emotional expression. They can be indignant at the smallest slight of hand and after instigating argument, they will remain extremely self-righteous, and will refuse to budge. This often causes others to feel exasperated and overwhelmed in their presence.

Their early home life may have been one where they were either the center of attention or perceived as an outcast. They may have received lots of attention and adoration and were made to feel like the apple of everyone’s eye, primarily with the Mother. If not, they may have been completely disregarded as anything special which created an instinctual longing to differentiate themselves from others in order to establish a concrete sense of their own identity. The Mother or Father may have played both parental roles, and the dominant parental figure may have been overly concerned with outer appearances and ensuring that outsiders always saw the family as respectable and dignified. If the Moon is positively aspected, the Mother would have been a very vibrant and active force in the child’s life, teaching independence and self-respect from an early age. If the Moon is afflicted, the Mother or nurturing parent may have had a propensity towards selfish behaviors that took away from the nourishment of the child’s own sense of identity and pride.

On the positive side, as stated above, these can be the most vibrant and lively people that never lack joie de vivre. They are generous and compassionate people, full of love and life to give. They are always ready to celebrate or make even the smallest of events seem like something very special and exclusive to those who are participating. As coworkers, they are uplifting and inspiring and want to push you to achieve your greatest heights. They want everyone to succeed and will even make their own inner strength and skill an open commodity to ensure that anybody who needs it is equipped with that they need to perform at their highest potential. They don’t want to be associated with losing. As friends, they are always ready to turn-up or make a night at home with them seem exclusive and luxurious for you to feel that you are never without a special and positive time in their presence. As lovers, they are very generous, affectionate, and willing to give their all to make a relationship work at any costs. They will fight for the relationship and will protect it at all costs if you are as faithful as they are. They will put you on display proudly, and make sure that everyone is aware that you belong to each other.

On the negative side, they can be desperate for attention and envious of other’s success. They are always looking out for under-handed ways to eliminate or subdue perceived competition. They may try to make you feel bad about yourself in order to lift themselves up. They look down on people that may not be as fortunate as they are. They will be shameless in their attempts to be the center of everyone’s attention in order to feel important and vital. As coworkers, they want to discredit anyone they feel is overperforming them. They are jealous and can be very stingy in the help they choose to provide in order to prevent you from gaining foot on them. They unabashedly brag about their accomplishments and will resort to sucking up to superiors in order to gain preferable treatment. As friends, they can jump from whomever is giving them the most attention at the time and will be ready to leave you in the dust if you aren’t with their program. They can require lots of adoration and reassurance. They may diminish you in order to lift themselves up. As lovers, they might become easily indignant at the smallest slight and hold a grudge against you until the end of time or until their honor has been restored. If they feel like their affections have not been reciprocated in a satisfactory manner, they might even consider seeking it outside of the relationship in order to have their needs met.


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