Sagittarius New Moon November 23rd 2022

Sagittarius New Moon November 23rd 2022

Sagittarius New Moon

The moon takes roughly 2.5 days to progress through each sign. Although this is a very short time, you will notice whenever there is a full moon or new moon, the energy is felt a week or two before or even after the full moon. The energy can last for roughly 4 weeks but have long last affects on many of us.

Usually you want to manifest during the new moons but this is aways dependent on whether there are good aspects to the new moon. This new Moon in Sagittarius will be at 1 degree in a wide conjunction with Venus at 9 degrees. During this transit, Venus as Mercury will be in Sagittarius along with Sagittarius. Whenever there is a cluster of planets in the same sign or the same house, there is usually an area of focus. You'll want to check if you have any signs in Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or virgo within 10 degrees of the 1st degree. The new moon will expose that house the new moon is in. The aspecting planets in the mutable signs will bring challenges to the energy of the new moon. As Sagittarius represents freedom, travel, research, truth and expansion, and wishful thinking!

This is a new moon I would recommend manifesting on! Unless you have some difficult squares or inconjunctions, then maybe not!

During this full moon, it is about exploring what has always been true to you. Sag is always seeking for the truth and this new moon might just mean an old truth may have to be revised. We all come back a background where we have a belief or a narrative about our lives. This new moon will test our beliefs. For example, Sagittarius might be in your 10th house, maybe you've always believed what the government has your best interests at heart and the benefits frauds are the real problem, or maybe you have Sagittarius in your 7th house and you've always believed that marriage is a goal for you, but this new moon might change your view on marriage. Do you get what I mean? wherever the new moon is going to be will be the area of revision and seeking truth.

Sometimes our beliefs can limit our growth and development. The New Moon is there to encourage some enthusiasm towards changing these old beliefs to see your full potential. If you have a truth that stemmed from childhood, its a good time to challenge this truth. If it came from your parents, you might want to confront them on this and question where this came from. This could be the best time to get the answers you really need to help shape your truths and encourage you to let go of the old and in with the new!

Jupiter will also be moving direct and in trine to this new moon which is a wonderful aspect to have especially when taking a risk! As Jupiter is about expansions, gains and faith, you want to ensure you are manifesting your desires and acting them out too as you are more likely to benefit from them. 

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