Transit Pluto Conjunct Natal Moon

Transit Pluto Conjunct Natal Moon

Our moon represent our sense of safety, emotions, home, family, fertility, the people we emotionally care about, emotional fulfilment, foundation and can also be linked to the mother. The moon desires feeling super secure in order to experience safety. 

Pluto is the death, rebirth, crisis, trauma, transformation, power struggles and can be linked to huge organisations. 

This transit can last roughly 2-4 years. To experience Pluto making a transit across your moon, you’ll experience a lot of deep penetrative emotions. Pluto transits create changes when involved. You are likely to experience deep inner reflecting. Things from your childhood being brought to the surface. Pluto links us to psychology. During this transit, we experience issues from our childhood that we need to face. It’s important not to run from this as Pluto will make you feel the intensity of your emotions even more. You are likely to be placed into situations where you have no choice but to face your childhood. 
In many cases, pluto transits can force you to move. As pluto is power, this can mean being powerless in your home situation and having to move out and back with your parents. Or even moving out from the home you’ve always had. Being evicted. The Pluto can make you lose whatever has made you feel secure and safe. Pluto puts you through a transformational, powerless experience. Therefore, whatever is making you feel powerless it’s important to let it go. Transits are temporary. In my personal experience, I wish I didn’t fight so much to keep everything when pluto was crossing my moon back in 2015. I was fighting against an eviction for my home, I was fighting to keep my job, I was fighting to keep my car from being repossessed. I’m an Aries Sun so naturally, fighting against corporations doesn’t frighten me. But we do get tired. The day I was officially evicted, I gave my car back, I stopped looking for jobs and I moved back in with my parents. It was over. I automatically felt so much lighter. I then spent the next 6 months rebuilding my life and I got it all back within a year. New house. New job. New car. My life was better than what it once was and I am forever grateful for that. 

The thing is with Pluto, the purpose is to remove what it no longer feels you need (moon is needs) because it always has bigger and better plans for you ahead. 
Unfortunatly for some people I’ve read for, some people lose their mothers during pluto crossing their moon. As pluto represents death, it can quite literally mean death. But life also begins with pluto. If a parent was to pass during this transit, you are likely to experience a world wind of emotional highs and lows. It’s a great time to get a therapist and go through therapy. Sometimes we just need a safe place to emotionally express ourself and make sense of our emotional complexes. 

The house placements and sign can give you clues as to what to expect from this transit. 
my moon is in Capricorn in my 8th house. I was also 25 years old when this happened. The Moon was my chart ruler in annual profections anyway so I was always going to move house. Moon in the 8th highlighted a change in finances, home, intense emotions, and debt! My debt was thousands of pounds at the time but after pluto finished its transit through my 8th house, I had paid everything back in the end and was debt free! The Capricorn is authority. I had a lot of authorities on my back at the time and I struggled to trust them. 
I also got into Astrology and Psychology heavy. I’m grateful for the experience because it taught me so much about emotions, losses, pain, psychology and where my power truly is. 
For the Aquarians who have Pluto coming into your sign March 2023, look out for the community you have always felt connected to. Not just friends but step mothers, step sisters, distant family members, friends etc. The relationship with these family members are likely to change and put you through some psychological change. Not to mention trying to find a sense of safety with your living situation. 

Pluto is saying let go. Don’t fight Against the energy. If you feel like you are losing control of something, let it be. Pluto has bigger and better plans for you ❣️


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Thanks for your writing, I am about to experience Pluto conjunct my moon in Aquarius, and with this I feel more prepared. :*


I had transit pluto conjunct my natal capricorn moon in the 1st house in 2017. I still reflect back to that time, i was 29, so I also had my saturn return probably because it literally felt like death to me. I lost the ability to create a family with my husband as he was found to be infertile and no treatments available for his rare case. I would cry every single day, I didn’t think there could be a life out there if I wasn’t a mother. I had the most profound sorrow I had experienced until then. I thought I was going crazy and went to therapy. Only wonderful and amazing things have come since this experience. No children yet but life has shown me beautiful and powerful things I didn’t know existed. Most important of all, I have healed aome major childhood issues and I feel at peace more often than not. I also got into psychology and astrology so mucb and I’m so happy for that. Thanks for writing this! :)


Thank you Honey, thus was very helpful ❤️


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