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Our Solar Return happens Once a Year
“Happy Solar Return” Is what many of you may have heard Astrologers mention on someone’s birthday. Our Solar Return is when the Sun makes his way back to the same point it was when we were born.
Depending on where you are at the time of your birthday, will determine how your year will plan out ahead depending of the alignment of the planets.



You must provide me with: 
o EXACT time of birth (11:44pm) 
o Date of Birth (12th June 1990) 
o Location / Town of birth (London, UK) 
o Location on your birthday (Bronx, New York) Please don't book a solar return if you do not know your location the day of, day before or after your birthday.
o Your rising and moon sign 
o Your gender so I know how to address you 
o Correct email address! 
o Please do not order if you cannot provide the correct information above 

o within  42 days  from date of payment. I have loads of clients and i am currently a Psychology and Counselling student! :) Please don't email me unless it has reached 31st business day.
o Reading is a voice recording delivered to your email address which can be downloaded from google drive. 
o Duration: 40+ minutes

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