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(please read before booking)

I recommend this service for anyone who is curious about moving to another country or even a great place to visit. We have planetary lines which run through the map of the world which help determined what planetary energies will effect you the most. Clients have moved based on Jupiter lines. Jupiter being the planet of expansion, luck and blessings, moving to an area where Jupiter is prominent, will process more luck and abundance. But also, moving to an area where Pluto lines are strong, you may experience uncomfortable levels of intensity. This is a great way to figure out where not to go and where to go!


Please do not book this if you are moving to neighbouring states located to your birth location as your chart does not change much at all.

At the cart, please use the box to write down where you would like to visit or planning to move and why you are moving or visiting there. Also please provide me with the below details:

Please provide me with the details below in the cart box:

  • Exact time of birth (11:43am)
  • Date of Birth (12th June 1991)
  • Location of birth (London, UK)
  • Current Location (Bronx, New York)
  • The Location you want to move to (please let me know where you want to go)
  • Your Rising & Moon (to ensure I have the correct details calculated)
  • Your gender at birth and gender now
  • Please fill me in on any concerns you have regarding your chart or how you feel about yourself. This way, I can specify it to suit you

o Sent within 20 WORKING DAYS (excluding weekends) from date of payment. I have loads of clients and i am currently a psychology and counselling student! Time can vary.
o The Consultation is a audio recording delivered to your email address which can be downloaded from google drive. Please download readings as they are not kept on my side.
o Up to 30 minutes long. Can be longer all depending on chart.

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