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Ashley is a trusted Astrologer to from Bridgeport, CT but currently resides in Salt Lake City, U. S. A. where she is a continuous student of Divination and Astrology. The path of passion and curiosity regarding the occult has led her to practice astrology professionally as a way to reveal peoples soul paths and unseen obstacles to initiate healing. Ashley specialises in Tropical Astrology and is able to make your reading relatable and fun while still effectively showing it’s accuracy and healing power.


You must provide Ashley with (FULL OUT BOX IN CART):

  • Exact time of birth (11:43am)
  • Date of Birth (12th June 1991)
  • Location of birth (London, UK)
  • Current Location (Bronx, New York)
  • Your Rising & Moon (to ensure details are correct)
  • Your gender at birth and gender now
  • Please fill in any concerns you have regarding your chart or how you feel about yourself. This way, I can specify it to suit you


o within 14 days  from date of payment. 

o Consultation session is an audio recording delivered to your email address which can be downloaded from google drive. 

o Duration: from 45 minutes to 1 hour and can go on. 

o If you have to contact me, please do not contact me on social media. Please email me by replying back to your confirmation email should you need to.

 If you provide a time, and after the consultation you change your mind on the time of birth, your reading will not be done again and you will no be refunded. Please be sure before you book a reading you are responsible for this. However you can email me to confirm information should you need to!


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