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(No suitable for compatibility/love or career questions, please book a synastry reading or career reading)

Have you got random questions you'd like answering?

I've added this service as I get loads of emails, dms, messages regarding random astrology questions. for example people ask for "which signs, elements, planets are my dominant"

"If i have a difficult position, can i get past this?"

"How do I work with my Mars as its hard"

"Explain the 12th house to me"

"what if my houses are empty"

You can ask up to 4 question, of your choice. If you have relationship questions, please book the "who should I be dating" reading. Do not ask any career/predictive questions. There is already a service for this.

Delivery time: Within 10 days, either voice recorded or written in email. Please use the box in the cart to place your questions in. You might want to also put your birth information in here.

Please use the box in cart to fulfil any details and to input your birth chart details if I need to see it.

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