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(please read before booking)

Past Life Readings are perfect for anyone who wants a full understanding of their past lives. Your past life can sometimes give you an indication on why things are the way they are in this life. Sometimes there can be some self undoing that you may not be completely aware off. In this reading, we are looking at how to transcend through the energies. If you would like me to focus anywhere, please let me know by writing your concerns in the cart box.

You must provide me with: 
o EXACT time of birth (11:44pm) 
o Date of Birth (12th June 1990) 
o Location / Town of birth (London, UK) 
o Current Location (Bronx, New York) 
o Your rising and moon sign 
o Whether you are Male or Female 
o Correct email address! 
o Please do not order a reading if you cannot provide the correct information above 

I do not provide readings for anyone who is not certain of their time of birth. If you provide a time, and after the reading change your mind on the time, your reading will not be done again and you will no be refunded. Please be sure before you book a reading you are responsible.

Reading Delivery: 
o within 30 working days (weekends are not included within the time frame)  from date of payment. I have loads of clients and i am currently a psychology and counselling student! :) Please don't email me unless it has reached 31st business day.
o Reading is a voice recording delivered to your email address which can be downloaded from google drive. 
o Reading lasts up to 30 minutes. 

o If you have to contact me, please do not contact me on social media. Please email me by replying back to my email should you need to.

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