Pregnancy Consultation

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“Can you see when I’ll get pregnant?”

 In this consultation, we are looking for when you are likely to get pregnant or when is the best time to begin conception. Something there can be a few things that need to be cleared so we can also discuss if there are any distractions or issues contributing to falling pregnant. 

Please provide me with the following (AT THE CART):
  • Why you want this reading, what struggles your facing.
  • Exact time of birth (11:43am)
  • Date of Birth (12th June 1991)
  • Location of birth (London, UK)
  • Current Location (Bronx, New York)
  • Your Rising & Moon (to ensure I have the correct details calculated)
  • Your gender at birth and gender now
  • Please fill me in on any concerns you have regarding your chart or how you feel about yourself. This way, I can specify it to suit you

o within 20 working days (weekends are not included within the time frame)  from date of payment. I have loads of clients and i am currently a psychology and counselling student! :) Please don't email me unless it has reached 21st business day. And please don't contact me on social media.
o Consultation is a voice recording delivered to your email address which can be downloaded from google drive. 
o Duration: 30+ minutes

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