Who Should I Be Dating Astrologically?

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 (please read before booking)

A load of you asked me to read your charts after watching my "How To Attract Your Partner Using Astrology" Video on YouTube. In this service, I look at your entire chart for any karmic issue surrounding relationships and offer you guidance where needed. I look at your moon, Venus, Mars, 7th house and use the rest of your chart to help decipher the type of relationship best suited to you. 


You must provide me with (FULL OUT BOX IN CART):

  • Exact time of birth (11:43am)
  • Date of Birth (12th June 1991)
  • Location of birth (London, UK)
  • Current Location (Bronx, New York)
  • Your Rising & Moon (to ensure I have the correct details calculated)
  • Your gender at birth and gender now
  • Please fill me in on any concerns you have regarding your chart or how you feel about yourself. This way, I can specify it to suit you

o within 30 BUSINESS DAYS (weekends are not included within the time frame)  from date of payment. I have loads of clients and i am currently a psychology and counselling student! :) Please don't email me unless it has reached 31st business day.
o Consultation is a voice recording delivered to your email address which can be downloaded from google drive. 
o Duration: 40+ minutes 

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