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Who Should I Be Dating Astrologically?

Who Should I Be Dating Astrologically?

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A load of you asked me to read your charts after watching my "How I Manifested my Man Using Astrology" Video on YouTube. In this service, I look at your entire chart for any karmic issue surrounding relationships and offer you guidance where needed. I look at your moon, Venus, Mars, 7th house, 2nd house, aspects, degree's and use the rest of your chart to help decipher the type of relationship best suited to you. I look at dates you should put yourself out there to meet someone, get married or engaged. I also give you placements you are best suited to based on your chart, what you need as a way to help you manifest your love.


    • Consultation is a voice recording delivered to your email address which can be downloaded from google drive.
    • Duration: 40+ minutes

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Amazing Reading

    This is the second reading I’ve gotten by Honey. She is authentic in her readings and truly talented at what she does. Honey was able to give me such good insights to myself and how I am in relationships. She also went in depth about what my ideal partner would be like. I feel so much better knowing about what to look for and what to avoid in relationships. With how accurate Honey’s readings are, I’m very excited for what the future holds for me :)

    Elizabeth M
    Amazing Reading!!!

    I booked a "who should I be dating" reading with Honey and I am mind blowned! The reading of my chart was so accurate and gave me clarity with my dating life. Honey went into detail about what my wounds are when it comes to men as well as myself, when it is a good time for me to date, as well as what type of man would be good for me.... If you are thinking about getting this reading, please don't hesitate! This truly is the best Astrology reading I have ever had! Honey, thank you so much for the guidance! You have an amazing gift and talent!

    Amazing, as always

    This is my second (and never last) reading with Dr. Honey. I got an intense birth chart reading in 2021. Dr. Honey is thorough and so talented at what she does. I don't know how many times I cackled over how accurate she was throughout the reading. Even with my chart full of squares and oppositions, she gave the best advice for placements to look for, and even timing/transits. Dr. Honey is so personable and precise too; the reading felt like she was right there with me, even though all she had were my order details. Self-awareness is so key, as she backs up. You won't regret any reading with her!



    Eye opening!

    Such a helpful reading to help me understand who I should date! Excellent advice and reasoning behind the recommendations. Thank you!

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    Intense Birth Chart Consultation can take up to 42 days to be delivered or longer during busy periods.