Placements In The Sign of Capricorn

Natal Capricorn Moon


ah.... Having a Capricorn moon has its pros and cons.

Cancer rules the moon, cancer/moon is home to the 4th house. The 4th house represents emotions, roots, mother, foundations, food, securities and comforts. Capricorn opposes cancer and rules Saturn. Saturn represents learning lessons, restrictions, routines, regulations, working through things, and responsibilities. Ever wondered why people always call you cold? well if you have aspects to Neptune and Venus or those are your dominants, you may not relate to being called so cold. Capricorn is in detriment in the sign of Capricorn and can be considered a very depressive place for the moon because Saturn restricts your emotional expression. This is the same for Saturn conjunct the moon in most signs.

I remember being 8 years old and applying for a Saturday job to help at a horse stables across the road from my house. This is typical for Capricorn moon. We feel a sense of fulfilment by success, drive, work and responsibility. We get this from our mothers. Usually our mothers wernt very present in the home because they were always working. Also we would usually have lacked nurturing in the way a cancer moon person would have received it. I grew up feeling like i had alot of nurtuting but as an adult and having pluto conjunct my moon as a awful transit, i realised I needed more nurtuting than I thought. Of course, I would always go to my mother for emotional support but it was not always received how I needed it and found myself having to emotionally nurture myself. Again, emotionally nurturing ourselves is something typical for a Capricorn moon.

We lack being able to emotionally express ourselves too. We could break our leg one day and have the worst day ever. If someone asks us "how was your day"? our response is always very monotone. Very much "my day was fine i just broke my leg but im okay". People always think of us as being strong because we dont show our true emotions. We work through our emotions by sounding "fine" because were used to nurturing ourselves...

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